Careers-Employment .panies across the world are moving ahead at a sky rocketing speed. Each employee plays a key role in the growth of the .pany. Given this scenario, .panies require effective HR professionals to take up a leadership role to plan and set up a sound and solid HR strategy and organizational structure. A Senior HR Manager of a .pany is a professional who is assigned important tasks of managing, organizing, planning and developing people in a .pany. The senior manager, HR is an important position as the person in charge of this position is supposed to assess talent, identify opportunities, be an integral part of an employees life cycle in an organization. He is also expected to improve organizational abilities for hiring, retaining and training a .petent workforce. As an HR professional a senior manger HR demonstrates a people-approach and promote an environment of high performance within an organization. The .petencies and Skill sets of an HR manager include: Proven expertise in HR functions. Ability to develop a work oriented and interactive culture within an organization. Employee Engagement. Plan and implement novel strategies for Human Resource Management Today, senior hr manager jobs require talented personnel who can develop a strong network with recruitment consultants and head hunters. They should possess the skill to interact and negotiate with the top management. Senior hr jobs listed on headhonchos.. need people who are focused, self motivated, attentive, observant and tactful under various circumstances. Main Responsibilities and Roles of a Senior Manager HR 1. Finding the right set of people: It the prime responsibility of the senior manager, HR to ensure that the candidate he finally appoints not just fits the role but the culture of the organization. 2. Senior HR Manager needs to be flexible: The Professionals working in Senior HR Manager jobs need to be very flexible and versatile. He is the one who motivates the junior employees to give the best shot, thus creating an efficient and work oriented environment in an organization. He has the capability and potential to uplift the performance bar of the employees with periodic assessments, required incentives and timely increments 3. Senior Manger HR should encourage talent: It is the chief responsibility of a senior HR manager to efficiently coordinate with his team and create a network between department heads, different project managers and the team leaders before kicking off the process of talent acquisition. After supporting significant HR development needs, he should expand groundbreaking systems and promote talent. Effective talent acquisition and management is the responsibility of a senior HR professional. A successful and .petent Senior Manager HR is the one who has the skill to understand peoples needs, , .municate effectively, manage all available resources and contribute to the growth of the .anization. Going forward HR professionals will take up leadership roles in talent management landscape. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: