Recipes The saffron flower that is Crocus Sativus flowers for only three weeks that is in the autumn month and it is in the same month you can find the areas where saffron is cultivated are all covered with purple flowers of saffron. Harvesting and saffron packaging process is very lengthy and difficult because it required great deal of labor. It requires around 1,50,000 flowers to extract at least 500 grams of saffron powder and all the flowers have to be handpicked. These figures are enough to provide you the rough estimate of the effort required in the process of saffron extraction. In order to promote the delicacy of the product the firms have started paying attention to the packaging also. Now saffron is available in different packages with several design and some of them include transparent packaging which maintains the aroma of the product for a longer period of time. The valuable and expensive spice of saffron may be grown and cultivated in several regions of the world but its region of origin remains to be the Mediterranean. The .mon places from saffron is shipped are Spain and India. Saffron now are available in different specialty stores that deal in different types of spices however, many people prefer buying saffron online because of the quality product available with the convenience of ordering at home. Searching the Google can assist you by proving more than hundred results in a single time but it depends on your choice and knowledge for selecting the appropriate one for you. To start with the first thing one should do is to .pare the prices of different dealers because this can provide you the opportunity to bargain effectively. Most of the sites have their list of prices according to the product they cater to and it is up to the customer to order from a place he thinks will be .fortable for him. There are several forms in which saffron is available like powdered and thread forms of saffron. It is better that while making the first purchase, make it in a smaller amount so that you can .pare it with the next sample from another place. In this way, a customer can place future orders as per his needs. The mode of payment on most of the websites remains to be credit cards. Make sure that it is the safest means of payment and payment on delivery if available is the safest mode of payment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: