Automobiles The Tata safari is an excellent off road car for the Indian market. This SUV manufactured by Tata motors was first launched with a 1.9 liter turbo diesel engine. Later, Tata launched their new range of engines called the DICOR engine. The Tata safari DICOR was a big hit in the market because of the loads of power that it delivered. Tata also launched the petrol driven Safari’s way back in 2005. The Tata Safari is a tough car with a powerful engine and a sporty design. It performed brilliantly on rough terrain, making it the most preferred SUV for many years. Engine The Tata safari is available in different engine variants. The diesel model of the Tata safari runs on a 486 DL turbo-charged engine and churns out a 90 PS @ 4300 RPM. The latest Tata Safari DICOR models have a 2.2 liter 16 valve DICOR engine that delivers a whooping 140 PS of power at 4000 RPM. The Tata Safari is also available in petrol versions. The petrol version of the Tata safari has an MPFI engine that churns out 127 PS @ 5630 RPM. All these engines are excellent and provide a very good and enjoyable drive. Design and .fort All the latest models of the Tata safari have undergone many changes and look different from the earlier models. The car now has a lot of attractive features like a new front grill and sparkling head and tail lamps. All these new features on the new Safari add to the overall appeal of the Tata safari. The interior of this car is also really good. It has luxurious 2 toned interiors that are very spacious and .fortable to sit in. The wooden finish on the central console also adds to the beauty of the Tata Safari’s interiors. It also has a trendy instrumentation cluster and a neat gear knob that looks sporty as well as attractive. It also .es with a DVD player with LCD screen on the back of the head rests. There are three models of the Tata Safari – 4×2 LX TCIC, DICOR 2.2 VTT and MPFI EXI. The DICOR version of the Safari is available in- EX, LX and VX models. The price of this beautiful SUV ranges from Rs. 6.50 to 11.50 lakhs, which is pretty good because of the amazing features this car .es loaded with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: