Book-Marketing Spectacular! In a word, that’s how I describe the new website designer software developed by Kyle and Carson over at Wealthy Affiliate. I want to keep this thing for myself- but then even I’M not that selfish- YET! Are you aware that Wealthy Affiliate has been consistently graduating affiliate marketing genius’ at a steady pace for a couple of years now? There’s just so much good relevant information, 24/7 support, and cutting edge tools that I just don’t have the real estate to do it justice here in this article. One of the barriers for affiliate marketers on the internet today is website design and creating a professional clean looking website. Designing a professional, clean-looking, and well-organized website can make or break an affiliate marketer when it .es to trying to market products online. Speak to someone who is successful at online marketing or who owns a business and you’ll soon find out that you have about two seconds to wow someone who is potentially looking to buy from you and keep them from hitting the back button away from your website. That’s just the way it goes when doing business on the internet. Lots of people wanting to make money online just aren’t giving it the attention it deserves. If you don’t make the right impression- it’s make or break. Your best efforts are serviced by putting your efforts towards the most important .ponents of affiliate marketing. Site Rubix from Kyle and Carson helps your parlay your efforts. Site Rubix is designed to be a plug-n-play solution for affiliate marketers to be able to create professionally designed websites. No experience is necessary. You might even decide to sell your website design abilities on the side or full-time. It’s so simple to drag-n-drop tables and graphics anywhere to the template and plop them where you want them, all without any html experience at all. How much was Photoshop the last time you priced it? I’ll bet $500-1000 depending on the package you bought. Did you know how to use it? While a good program, you won’t need an expensive program like that in order to design and put together awesomely done websites. Ok, you’ve got me excited, James. What else can Site Rubix do? How about you having the ability to duplicate pages that you’ve already created, or even full sites just by clicking your mouse? No need to reinvent the wheel. If you have a page or even a whole site that is working- use it again! Do you want the ability to customize your site in terms of banners and images and let the system worry about resizing, rendering, and making things look great? You’ve got it! Stop by and visit the site and see just what Site Rubix can do for you. There really is no .parison when it .es to true drag and drop website design. No matter whether you are creating landing pages, or selling your own website creation services. Site Rubix is your answer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: