UnCategorized If you want to create a website for an existing business or for a new business you can either have it done by professional design firm or try to do it yourself with an online site building program or editing software on your computer. A new entrant into the field of website building software is XsitePro. Its manufacturers claim that it is the ideal program for those who wish to build many, easy-to-maintain content rich sites for online commerce. I tried it recently and here are my findings. Before you decide to build a website by yourself, you should think whether this is a good idea for you. It may in fact be better to get your site designed professionally. It is usually well worth it. However, even after your site is designed you will have to maintain it and if you have no skills then this can be difficult or costly. So it may be useful for you or someone in your company to have the ability to make and edit websites. Online site-builders, as offered by some hosting firms and some online package firms often produce sites that are not search engine friendly, and if you can avoid them it is better. The two leading web design software options are Dreamweaver and Frontpage. Dreamweaver produces sites with good html code and this is helpful in the task of search engine optimization, but it takes time to learn the program. I have been using Frontpage for many years and use it because that is what I am used to (though I know Dreamweaver is a bit better). I tried Xsitepro because the online video demonstrating it was so compelling (you can watch the video at www.a1-optimization.com/websiteprovideo.htm . It is indeed quick to learn and I built a site of several pages in a few hours. XsitePro has been made with search engine optimization in mind and it produces web pages without adding any extraneous code that would be a hindrance to search engine optimization. It has built in instructions for search engine optimization and analyzes each page and gives you a checklist of things to do to improve the search engine friendliness of your pages. In addition, the software compiles a nice site map with text links to all the pages and a description of the pages under each link. One feature that I really like is that it lets you add article pages to your site very easily. This is important if you want to build a content-rich site. Coupled with this, it has a built-in Adsense installation facility. You just have to insert your Adsense registration number and you can add Adsense code to your pages and format the adds without having to go online to fetch the code from your online account. Another feature that is helpful is a built in pop-up window. You can add pop up windows that are not affected by pop up blockers, and you can time them so that they open when and where you want them. One thing to remember, no program can make you a great designer. Xsite pro comes with more than 100 templates, but if you want graphics that are just right for you, then you may have to go to a professional. Recently I did just that, I hired a professional to make header and footer graphics and a three dimensional ebook cover and then I used Xsite pro to build the site. The result is at www.start-meditation-stop-smoking.com. I made a few mistakes and can do it better the next time but in general I was satisfied with the results. If you would like to see if XsitePro is a good solution for you, then visit www.a1-optimization.com/XSitePro.htm About the Author: Donald Nelson is a web developer and search engine optimization expert. He offers search engine optimization, website copywriting, reciprocal linking and other web promotion services at his firms website, .www.a1-optimization.com . He is also the principal editor of the A1-Article directory, .www.a1-articledirectory.com , a site offering free reprint articles in a wide variety of categories. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: