UnCategorized There are many different costumes to be made when searching instructions for making belly dancing costumes and it is imperative to know which genre of this dance style, you require instructions for making the right costumes. With that said, if you know what kind you are needing then you’re all set to go out and make yourself a fantastic costume. Beginners Instructions for Making Costumes As was mentioned about regarding knowing what genre of this style you are interested in, it is highly important however beginners instructions for making a good costume does not apply for modernization of historical dances such as a Renaissance style dance. The beginner’s instructions for making these costumes are only for the basic costume such as the blouse, pantaloons and the belly belt to accompany those. The costume can have folklore sort of look and accessorize the costume with jewelry or the infamous coin belt. Let’s start with the blouse instructions for making costumes, as it is sensible to start from the top and work down in this instance. A blouse should be selected that is short and exposes the middle but not so short that when you raise your arms your breasts will be exposed so make sure that you can lift both arms before committing to any specific blouse. The next step in the blouse instructions for a great costume is to sew a liner that is the same color as your shirt so that it can absorb any perspiration from ruining the blouse. Now your blouse is pretty much ready aside from adding any sequins or accessorizing it to your liking. Next it’s on to the belt instructions for making belly dancing costumes because no costume can be complete for dancing without the belt. It is placed around the hips, obviously and should be approximately four inches wide and nine inches long and should according to instructions for making costumes, have some fringes at the bottom hanging down. These are important for tying metal coins in order to add that pizzazz and sparkle when belly dancing. The pantaloon instructions for making costumes is less intense because it is just a pantaloon style pants that should bulge out slightly and make a form. The top of the pants should be situated below the belly button and just above your hip line. These are just basically baggy pants tied up and tucked in securely at the bottom to provide this illusion. Now you’re ready to get belly dancing and impress your friends! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: