Internet-Marketing Eat. Shop. Work. Play. These are just a few of the things GM wants to offer drivers through their new 4G LTE connectivity available to OnStar subscribers. Starting at $20 per month, OnStar subscriptions will provide subscribers with mobile hotspots, especially useful for those looking to find the nearest shopping, dining and travel spots while in the car. Other services enabled by OnStar 4G LTE include maintenance alerts, driver assessment and AtYourService. Available in both the United States and Canada, AtYourService will offer users a wide range of benefits including digital coupons, directions, e-Books, and even hotel booking. Retailers also benefit from this service, as GM and OnStar have partnered with .panies like Dunkin Donuts and Priceline, providing consumers with great savings, while offering merchants access to millions of OnStar subscribers. GM claims that OnStar annually receives more than 35 million requests for directions and supports more than 53 million mobile app interactions. GM hopes that consumers will find the many benefits provided by OnStar 4G LTE worthy of the subscription costs, and it is likely that many will. Let’s say your family gets stuck in traffic on the way home from vacation, turning an eight hour drive into a twelve hour drive or longer. OnStars partnership with Priceline enables OnStar advisors to provide details including availability, cost, amenities and ratings. Once youve selected your hotel of choice, OnStar advisors can even assist you with booking your hotel reservation and providing your OnStar-equipped vehicle with directions to your destination. Other subscriber benefits include retail and shopping coupons from providers like RetailMeNot and Entertainment Book. Based on where the driver is located, OnStar can send coupons and deals offering valuable savings for various merchants within the vicinity of the drivers location. Depending on the individuals usage of OnStars discounts, its possible that the savings alone would offset the costs associated with an OnStar subscription. A pilot program conducted by GM yielded positive feedback from participants, indicating the potential for a successful launch of OnStar 4G LTE and AtYourService. OnStar 4G LTE and AtYourService will be available in early 2015 for anyone who owns one of the 30 different GM vehicles currently equipped with OnStar. As is the case for many new technologies, capabilities and offerings will continue to increase over time as more users and .panies participate and take advantage of the technology. GM looks to continue investing in the technology, increasing the benefits and value consumers stand to gain from their OnStar subscription. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: