Health Teenage has always been considered one of the most important and crucial phase of ones life. It is the age span when new hormonal changes take place in the body which results in a cocktail of emotions. Hence parents need to be very careful of their kids. And by being careful implies to be able to guide them without being over protective or bossy. The teenagers have a lot in their plate considering relationships, new friends, peer pressure, education, career and love life. Firstly they observe their relation with their parents changing. Initially there was little expectation form them considering studies, behavior and social life. But as they grow up, the parents start briefing them on the importance of good studies and career choices. Then there are the parents who also give them advice pertaining their love life and peers. And since the age is such, the teenagers are not able to understand their parents and vice versa. These result in misunderstandings. Then there is the relationship with their friends and siblings which undergoes many upheavals. The childhood friends start their .petitors and then there is also development of attraction to the opposite gender. All these emotions make them feel overwhelmed. And this thus, results in a tendency to make inappropriate decision. Hence the teenage relationship advice mandatory. However it is mandatory that the advices given to these budding teenagers, does not make them feel pressurized. In many colleges and universities there are availability of counselors and guidance teachers who guide them from all sorts of problems relating to career, peers and scholarships as well. Then many a times the teenagers are attached to the elderly members of their families like their grandparents or aunts or uncles, they can also show them the right path. They need to be made understood that the energy they possess at his age span needs to be channelized in making their future. They also need to be careful in making decision with respect to their love life. At this age any wrong decision can harm them emotionally hence special care needs to be taken. They also need to be careful about their choice of friends, which has an overall impact on their personality. And for the teenage to be the beautiful and good experience the guidance is mandatory. Many parents of the teenagers who have attended the web or in person transmission sessions of the Human Wellness Programs organized by the Trivedi Masters, have experienced an overall positive change in their behavior. The many programs including the Trivedi Master Wellness Programs are based on the Trivedi Effect. This effect is the natural energy transmission phenomenon in which energy is transmitted to the individual by the Masters. This energy then helps to strengthen the connection between the individual to the God of their choice. Once this connection has been strengthened the individual is able to experience the mental clam and peace. Those that have attended the sessions have also witnessed fruitful and .patible relationship. There has also been observed an improvement in success and happiness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: