The rival coach is Bobo iron: he ran for president I will vote for Popovich sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, according to the "My San Antonio" report, over the Atlanta eagles in Sanantonio yesterday spurs the preseason, Greg Popovich watched the game in the box, he said in the assessment of the players. Hawks coach Mike – Popovich said Holzer put the president, he will vote for. Yesterday, the Spurs in a preseason game with a 102-91 win over the eagles, but on the sidelines coach is a Spurs assistant, Amy coached the card especially the first half, James Rego is responsible for the second half bo. And coach Popovich is carrying the chief assistant general manager and Ettore Messina – R.C. – Buford, watching the game in the box. When asked why he did it after the game, Popovich said: "I’m evaluating players." Popovich served as a teaching assistant for many years, Boden Holzer also believes that, despite the retirement of – – Duncan, but the Spurs still looks like a strong team – – the United States and Germany, the United States, the United states. He was not surprised. "Popovich and Buford super, they can always than others ahead of the 2 step, 3 step, 4 step and 10 step," said Boden Holzer, "is the most profound wave I had thought, one of the most careful thinking, he always want to get deeper than you." When asked if Popovich would run for president to put Holzer quipped: "I think he should go to the election, I would vote for him, the results will be very good." (Chi Mei)