Dangdang announced the approval of the shareholders vote on the privatization of the transaction, Phoenix Financial News September 12th, Dangdang announced that the shareholders voted to approve the privatization transaction. Last July, dangdang.com announced that the board received from the chairman Yu Yu and CEO Li Guoqing (referred to as "buyers union") of the privatization offer, the acquisition of buyers Union has not been held in company with a price of $ADS7.812 per share cash issued ordinary shares. Since then, the privatization of the offer that was opposed by investors. A letter circulated on the Internet to the board of directors of the open letter accusing Dangdang privatization is to arbitrage. The author of the open letter claiming to be Dangdang’s shareholders, ready for long-term investment dangdang. In an open letter, the person said, the price of the buyer alliance not only seriously underestimate the value of the company, but also greatly damaged the interests of shareholders. The privatization offer has a strong speculative and arbitrage nature". Open letter also said that Li Guoqing and Yu Yu are trying to take advantage of the time difference between China and the U.S. stock market, take Dangdang shareholders as counterparties to conduct arbitrage. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2