Lenovo E570 GTX evaluation: 15.6 inch screen GTX 950M alone significantly Lenovo breath released three new products, belonging to the Lenovo ThinkPad E series, E470, E570 and ThinkPad respectively is E570 GTX, from the name you can see the difference of the latter: equipped with GTX graphics, the type is GTX 950M, the screen size is three the largest of 15.6 inches. Here we take a look at the specific performance of E570 GTX. The appearance of this product in addition to the appearance of continuation of E series design style, also made a small change, E570 GTX provides a richer color scheme, a total of black, silver and gold three color, rich color to show that the original consumer in the "black" has gradually become even more to meet the needs of consumers. Black version of the composite material with a type of skin coating treatment, gold and silver version is slightly different. E570 GTX notebook E570 GTX still at the top of the shell, while retaining the ThinkPad and Lenovo two logo, which has always been the repertoire of ThinkPad series, in addition to the housing there is nothing, minimalist appearance in line with the user positioning business. Inside the fuselage is a classic black ThinkPad, 15.6 inches screen for users accustomed to the 14 inch time to adapt. E570 GTX is equipped with a 15.6 inches 1920*1080 resolution IPS screen, the screen is characterized by a wide viewing angle, bright colors, large viewing angle will not be biased. Compared with the color of the screen from the simple design of the shell, the bottom is relatively different. E570 GTX uses the common removable battery design, although in fixed places can remove the battery, but the battery is embedded in the clamping slots will be significantly raised, not too detached and portable. E570 GTX is used in the left cooling way outlet, outlet side of a power supply socket and 1 VGA ports, 1 HDMI socket and 2 USB socket, the other side is the 1 line mark, 1 USB socket and 1 headset microphone jack. The bottom left side of the fuselage area, with an SD card slot, the slot design is more subtle. The left side of the screen notebook is bound to be proportional to the weight. Do not calculate the weight of the power supply, including 2.258kg, if the power supply, the weight of 2.692kg, the notebook is becoming thinner and lighter today, this notebook is indeed a heavyweight players. Key design E570 GTX using the ThinkPad series of classic design, digital keyboard, with a red dot and triple trackpad. The keyboard area using enclosed structure, with splash resistant ability. The key process is about 1.8mm, the key process is deep, the pressure of the keyboard is moderate, the handle is soft and the rebound is rapid. For typing experience is ideal. The area of the touchpad is correspondingly increased.