Long time no see. Harden low-key appearance bars and clubs to return to? Long time no see. Harden went out to return to the bar nightclub? Tencent sports news October 23rd Rockets star James harden this summer by the club board "Avatar" hard landing ", the news about the nightclub he rarely outflow, is more about him on the training field news. But according to U.S. media reports of "terezowens", has recently appeared in Houston harden a famous club, coming in the new season, this news can not help the Rockets fans worried. Harden Harden about this appeared in the bar bar club is located in Houston, the Rockets will go to Sanantonio in the final preseason, because Harden did not make the trip to the holiday, but to stay in Houston, is the use of this opportunity, Harden appeared in the bar, although he was wearing a hat, but you can easily from the photo identify the figure of Harden. In the next to harden a male staff, he is the view and communicate. In the photo below, the first two women holding the glass photo, Harden now became the background of "emperor", and it is this picture, let Harden go bar news spread throughout the network, because the camera exposure of the photos on social networking sites. As everyone knows, Harden has a special affection for the club, before every offseason, Harden came to love nightclub unfettered, so it is called "fans club board" title. But because Harden missed the best squad last season, the Rockets knocked out early, Harden passion and sweat as a warning for the future, decide on the training field, but also advance the organization rocket teammate early set training, Harden move by experts and the praise of fans, many of them have been regarded as the Harden fight for MVP’s new season. However, in the regular season approaching, harden appeared again the club bar, do not know whether the Rockets fans will be a little nervous, don’t harden and miss nightclub and women? I hope this is not the case. (Deqing) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.