Luo Chenghua: health care before and after surgery for rectal cancer – Sohu health author: Luo Chenghua rectal cancer incidence is second only to gastric cancer. Age of onset in 30 ~ 60 years old, more than women. So, what is the nursing care of rectal cancer? 1, preoperative care (1) psychological care: care for patients, indicating the necessity of surgery, to the best psychological state of surgery. (2) to strengthen nutrition, correct anemia, enhance body resistance. As far as possible to give high protein, high calorie, high vitamin, easy to digest the less slag diet, in order to increase the tolerance of the operation. (3) full bowel preparation to increase the success rate and safety of surgery. (4) to inhibit intestinal bacteria and prevent infection after operation for 3 days. (5) 3 days before operation to liquid, 1 days before operation in order to reduce waste and fast, easy to clean the intestinal tract. (6) the whole bowel lavage was performed on the basis of the disease 1 days before operation. 2, postoperative care (1) to observe the patient’s vital signs and changes in the condition, observe the blood oozing. (2) after fasting, gastrointestinal decompression to bowel movement can be resumed after eating. Diet should be gradual. (3) keep the drainage unobstructed, and flush the drainage tube regularly according to the doctor’s advice. (4) urinary catheter should be cleaned every day to prevent urinary tract infection. (5) if the stoma, keep the skin around the stoma clean and dry, can be coated with Zinc Oxide Ointment or Lithospermum oil. Long press to identify two-dimensional code, concern us