2016FIA F4 China season finale of all possible focusing on annual championship sina sports news on November 12-13, 2016 Shell FIA F4 China HeineKen Cup Championship (hereinafter referred to as F4) ending in the game will be held in Zhuhai International Speedway, this season F4 fighting fierce, to the title this year and the annual driver championship still in suspense, the final battle, everything is possible. This season, F4 hosted Fang Mingtai racing for the purpose of encouraging the team operation, the annual team winners of the prize respectively: 300 thousand, 200 thousand, 100 thousand, the year’s winners of the prize respectively: 150 thousand, 100 thousand, 50 thousand, obviously high team award more seductive and more conspicuous. At present, in the championship, Beijing team mansory with 323 points at the top of the list, the UMC team with 265 points behind in the second place, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI team with 243 points behind in third, if there is no surprise, the annual team winners will be produced in the three teams. From the integration perspective, three teams also have the impact of the championship that possibility, three teams will be using to exhaust all the skills at the last station grab points, fierce competition can be imagined. The car driver Liang Hanzhao annual championship, UMC team Bruno Yiqijuechen, the integration has reached 241 points, ahead of second placed MITSUBISHI team Wu Ruopeng 54 points behind in third, leading Beijing team 112 points mansory forest in Tai’an. See from the table, the F42016 season championship winners will produce three cars in the hands of. In the ShangHai Railway Station stood in the game, the Beijing team Ai Chenjun mansory won two rounds of the championship, UMC team Bruno won a championship round, but in Shanghai Guojisaichechang most of the limelight is not Ai Chenjun, not Bruno, but has not yet reached the age of 15, only to open the identity of the ART team Liang Hanzhao. In the tenth game, Liang Hanzhao won the third round, eleventh round won the first, the twelfth round of the rain war, although the false start failure, only the tail of the grid, but still brave to catch the whole sixth. Zhuhai ending the war, Liang Hanzhao has over 15 years of age, will bid farewell to the open group, then he will make the firepower full of gunpowder ending the war becomes more intense. In order to more attractive bonus for the supreme honor (F4 annual champion FIA be invited to participate in the annual dinner, a number of Chinese and foreign master equation) will be at the Zhuhai International Speedway this year launched the most intense game, the play will be staged! (Alfa)