A taste on the tongue open seven chefs on-site chef personally meeting Jimei chefs from all walks of life on the tip of the tongue on the open network master live audience in August 26th (Sports Tencent senior editor Wan Xin ESPN) the world metropolis of New York, has always been a high-end food and beverage industry where, tall on the U.S. Open naturally became the international big brand chef war in a hotly contested spot. New York time 25 days, "the taste of tennis" (Taste of Tennis) in the central stadium ACE restaurant tasting held on seven famous New York chef in ESPN host Thom (Hannah Storm) wire introduced debut together. Among them, the Japanese chef Morimoto Masaharu (Masaharu Morimoto) is open for a guest, by virtue of his famous delicacy show "Iron Chef" (Iron Chef) fame. Good show he sang and sang a cappella in the field, what is the wire Tom asked him to sing? He has always been vigorous and unrestrained response: "appetizer song". Japanese sushi, it was his monopoly of professional. There is a Korean American David (David Chang), the Chinese a surname boss from New York village do Hand-Pulled Noodle started, now in the world open more stores, selling a best-selling cookbook, business is done fast. Seven chefs plus at Boston seafood, Italy and French cuisine, each is worth a stunt chef. The rich celebrities see us coming from Manhattan, is the same rich guest of the chef. Every year, about 700 thousand people visited the U.S. Open, a large number of subway line 7 to open the audience every day watching us, how so many people eat eat, is the obligation of the organizing committee. The chef Abe (Jimmy Abbey) under the leadership of 250 chefs battle, five restaurants for the election, plus 60 square and 100 boxes of food. A total of 90 thousand pounds of beef, a total of about 7.5 tons of seafood, a total of 225 thousand hamburgers or hot dogs, a total of 12.5 tons of lettuce, and a total of 66 thousand bananas, plus the addition of 7000 tennis biscuits. During the three weeks, the U.S. Centers full of smoke, the canteen. Canteen price is not cheap, a small hamburger and fries $13, a glass of beer $12, a bottle of mineral water $6, a family of three meals a meal down, no $50 is uncertain. But every meal, every restaurant in front of the counter are long queues. The logic behind this is that you can afford "tall" open, also can afford "less expensive" lunch and dinner. The diners to fill the stomach, businesses have earned enough money, fame and open center, to the satisfaction of all people. Data show that the annual US Open 750 million economic returns to the greater New York area, the "tongue on us", is not. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.