Shandong basketball season foreign aid Thompson eleven holiday arrived at   to determine; Ji’nan Qilu network September 19th news (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) September 19th is the Shandong men’s Basketball Team Australia after returning from the assembly to prepare for the new season league days, the team also came from a good news, that is the team foreign aid is the earlier rumors of Thompson, and basically no suspense Jeter return, Shandong basketball season is settled double foreign aid. Jason – Thompson was born in July 1986, height 2 meters 11. Last season Jason Thompson in Toronto warriors and two teams played, until now he has been in the NBA for 8 seasons, and his first 7 season has been played for the Sacramento Kings Sutter. 2008 Thompson in the first round of the twelfth was selected by the king, and then he spent his peak in the king. He averaged 12.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and 1 blocks per game at the peak. Then due to injury, Thompson’s state gradually decline. Has been traded to 76 people, the warriors and the Raptors, but in these three teams still can not get stable during his playing time, his performance is also very difficult to find a big contract. Among them, the March 2016 signing of Toronto, during his 19 games, averaging 15.4 minutes to get 4.6 points and 4.2 rebounds. Shandong men’s basketball team last season, Mike – Beasley has signed a contract with the Rockets, so the Shandong team had to find a new foreign aid to supplement the team’s position vacant. Compared with the more Thompson Beasley, inside, he had in the king’s team has served as the team’s starting line. According to Qilu network reporter understanding, Thompson is currently the visa, is expected to arrive in Ji’nan around eleven holiday, "Jeter and Thompson are good relations, two people can say very personal, this to a certain extent, but also conducive to Thompson as soon as possible into the team." The team has said.