200 million wizards backcourt true because of infighting exposure Wohl Bill large cap Nuo A may be a boss inside the wall this season and highlights the sports news August 26th Tencent John wall said publicly that he and Bradley Bill were contradictory, Bill and the people around him confirmed it. Bill side revealed that the reason why the two men are contradictory, mainly want to do the team leader, rob the team boss status. Waldo Bill fight team boss has been incompatible? "When we’re on the court, we always ignore the fact that we need each other." Bill said. Wal said before accepting when the same interview, he and Bill on the pitch has become incompatible trend. From here we can see that the contradiction between the wall and Bill has been open, if two people finally can’t solve it, I’m afraid of facing the risk of business. The contradiction between wall and Bill is not a short duration of time, early in the 2014-15 season, when two people interviewed the public decorum. "We are now on an occasion where the first reaction may be ‘will they fight?’ We now give the impression that it is necessary to fight first, and then to be brothers. This may be biased, but to some extent reflects the relationship between the two of us." Bill once said. "They have to solve the problem. I won’t say who they are right or wrong, but they really have to solve the problem." Cassell Sam said. Cassell in the period 2009 to 2014, served as the Wizards assistant, understand the relationship between Bill and the world. According to people around Bill revealed that the reason why the difference between the two men, mainly because of the leadership problem. "The two of them said they wanted to be the leader of the team and the team, they wanted to stand on the stage. I don’t think how serious the problem is between the two of them because they’re still friends. Brad (Bill) is a low-key person, but he also knew that if you want to succeed, he needs waldo. Now it’s time for them to work together to solve the problem." Bill’s shooting trainer Drew Han Lynn said. From Bill and Theo et al words can be seen, with two of them in the field, mainly due to each other each other, want to compete for the leadership of the team, to be a boss. If they don’t solve the problem now, the future will not be able to pick up NBA, because many combinations are for this reason to disband. Shaquille O’neal and Kobe Bryant had to disband, is one of the reasons for the boss. From the two identity and status, the wall is more suitable for the boss, but Bill has now got the maximum salary, and many of the top earners than Wallgau. The wall is the top show in 2010, after 6 years of efforts, the ability to grow into one of the most comprehensive NBA guard, has 3 consecutive all star. Bill went to NBA in 2012, 4 years of occupation career injuries, have not yet entered the all star, but to get the top salary for 5 years 127 million, more than 5 years $80 million wal. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.