At about 4 million euros of fertilizer Deng Guoan has begun to form a team coach [] Deng Guoan 4 million euros extra information about fertilizer have begun to set up Tencent in November 14th sports coaching team. Former Brazil coach Dunga, currently with Beijing Guoan are getting closer. According to Brazil’s famous football reporter if the heat – Nicola news, national security has been out of the salary of about 4 million euros for the Dunga, which is a difficult to resist the temptation of the president of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and China, the United States and Germany, the annual salary of about $. Although there is no official announcement, but Dunga has begun to start the construction of the coaching staff to prepare for their future to coach the national security. According to foreign media, Dunga is expected to command Guoan Jorge Nicola said, from the national team of Brazil at the end of the class, Dunga is expected to return to the head coach in 2017. Up to now, the contact between Dunga and the national security has been going on for more than a month. At the same time, Nicola also revealed that at present can confirm security provides a monthly salary of 1 million 200 thousand after tax Brazil Real’s contract to Dunga, about 330 thousand euros; if the salary calculation, Dunga will be close to 4 million euros in the country after tax income (about 29 million 400 thousand yuan). Although not as good as the former national security coach Alberto Zaccheroni earn more, but for Dunga, this will be his coach career the most lucrative contract. According to Nicola, the national security and Dunga has not been fully settled, because at the same time, the national security is still on the Hong Kong and the former Shanghai coach Erickson contact. However, Dunga is now very sure that he will become the coach of the national security next season, for which he has started the formation of the coaching team. Among them, Paul Paksan and Andre Lopez will serve as a fitness coach and assistant coach; in addition, Dunga will choose a physiotherapist and a goalkeeping coach, is the brazilian. In other words, if Dunga finally decided to coach the national security team, his coaching team will include at least four members. With the gradual clarity between Dunga and national security, he is expected to become the fourth in recent years, China’s gold rush to the former Brazil coach. In addition to Deng before, Scolari, Rosenberger and the Chinese have left a footprint in the, but in addition to the two other people have suffered a rare defeat in coaching career, in addition to the. (Yalugelu)