The country foot adjustment list desire to strengthen the attack in Wuhan in September 26th – focus on preparing for the sports Sohu yesterday, Chinese Football Association announced 24 people in two foot preparations for the October World Cup Asian zone 12 match list. Veteran Zheng Zhi defeated, Suning will be three — Wu Xi, Gu Chao and Zhang Xiaobin selected. National foot will be on October 6th and 11 against Syria and Uzbekistan, after only two points in the first two minutes, the foot of the country must face the situation in Syria and grab points. The national team training list and a little difference, adjusted only in some locations, including Zheng Zhi, Yu Dabao, Haifeng Ding, Zeng Cheng, Yang Xu, Zhang Chengdong election, Dewey, Yan Junling returned to the list. From this period of high military training personnel can be seen, in October the two games, the team will be to strengthen the attack, to earn more points. Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng’s defeat in the expected, after the game against Iran were injured in the accident, so he certainly absent all remaining games this year. The defeat of Zheng Zhi can reflect Gao Hongbo’s attack determination, veteran Zheng Zhi selected for the national team in the last time, Gao Hongbo took his position as a defender role, hope with Zheng Zhi rich experience and stable psychological quality and help the team defense. Two minutes before the foot of the country to get the war in October, in Syria and Uzbekistan in the face of these weaker opponents in the group of two, the goal is no doubt to strive for victory. Shenyang at the end of the match against Iran, in charge of the national team of Senior Football Association Yu Hongchen said: must be in Syria and Uzbekistan points or line is empty. Jiangsu Suning, this time there are three players selected, Wu Xi, Gu Chao, Zhang Xiaobin into the list. In the first two games in the first game, Wu Xi debut, good performance in midfield. Gu Chao in the game against Iran squad, sealed the opponent, help the Orangemen scored the first points in two games in October, because the CengCheng exit, Gu Chao might be "righting", served as the starting goalkeeper. The young Zhang Xiaobin had not yet get the opportunity to play, but has twice with the national team training camp, in the near future, Suning has been occupying the main position of him, do not know can not get the favor of Gao Hongbo. According to the reporter, the national team in September 26th will be the first in Wuhan, under the leadership of Gao Hongbo for the full October two round of 12, then flew to Xi’an for the game with Syria.