Qinghai Zi Xiang Xining team in 2016 twenty-fifth "China Cup" football Choi wins acclaimed Sohu sports in 2016 twenty-fifth "China Cup" football match (B Kunming Division) in November 12th kicked off in the forest, by the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Xining City Football Association to set up "Qinghai Zi Xiang Xining the team first met football town Liaoning Fushun team, Xining team with indomitable fighting spirit and superb skills to play wind color of old Qinghai’s 5:1 win over the opponent, and with a 4:3 victory over Tianjin team. The "China Cup" Football Association is one of the Chinese series of events, aims to implement the national football reform program, leading youth soccer movement development, promote social development, promote the football football industry to market, promote city National Fitness promote national health outcomes. Full of praise for the beauty of Qinghai plateau from Xining through the first game of football athletes, the Organizing Committee of the conference of the 20 participating city team, especially the Chinese Football Association vice chairman Rong Zhihang, former football coach Su Yongshun, Qi Wusheng China, the tournament referee Zhang Shengjie gave a high evaluation. The Xining team all the members will continue to play every game, sportsmanship and discipline, strengthen the learning and communication skills. Qinghai Aopo Sports Events Planning Co., Ltd oppe, attention to sports broadcast