Comment on Hamilton in order to achieve comeback will require a different script of Lewis – Hamilton sina sports news for Hamilton, Brazil station pole position is too important, he finally beat teammate Rosberg by 0.102 secs, opened a good head for Sunday’s match. From the Friday practice is not difficult to see that the other team is leading Mebon can not match, not to mention every Saturday qualifying, they will only come faster. This is indeed the case. So the pole is doomed to struggle again Mebon civil war. In view of the track in Bad Ragaz is relatively short, 0.102 second gap between teammates is considerable, in addition to training 3 this weekend, Hamilton has always maintained a clampdown on Rosberg, and from two Q3 results, although Rosberg in the first time accounted for the upper hand, Hamilton in the two time period of the rest obviously stronger. Although Rosberg said in qualifying on pole does not mean to be able to win the game, at least from the most recent game, seems to be more important than the pole is departure. What’s more, because of the rain on Sunday forecast, there is expected the race may lead to the safety car, thus, is properly lead pole. Anyway, Hamilton is very clear what is your task this weekend, "it is very difficult to match overtaking here, unless you have a big advantage on the front of the car, so my first goal is to win the pole." Now, the British have completed this important first step. Friday’s practice also shows that, in addition to a single lap, Hamilton’s long-distance performance is better than his teammates, so it is not difficult to see that the whole weekend the mood of the British people are pretty good. And get the second Brazil Grand Prix wins the first pole, Hamilton look forward to here. The race in the second row will be Kimi and Vista Pam, the former only ranked in the first round of Q3 speeding after sixth, second after it rose to third, but compared with the Hamilton pole results, already 0.668 seconds behind. So unless the weather spoiler, or the champions of the dispute and only choice of Hamilton and Rosberg. Vista Pam said after the game that the game is expected to be able to rain, because Red Bull Racing in rainy days has always been a good competitive. But the light is the first and second row of the grid sequence itself was full of topic, especially after Wolf calls the old Vista Pam toto. So Sunday’s race is a normal start, the same thing. The third row will be Vitel and Ricardo. After the end of training 3, Ferrari found that Vitel’s car brake system problems, until qualifying has been in the car for maintenance, so fifth of the ranking is ok. Access to the Q3 driver, the biggest "accident" to the number of Grosjean, he was again Haas team get a qualifying seventh. Hawken Berg, Perez and Alonso were eighth to tenth. It is worth mentioning that the home court battle Massa only ranked thirteenth, this is also he in front of the fighting the worst ranking. Last year at Brazil station