China team arrived in Seoul international Hilton Hotel are each single room – Beijing 11:20 last night, China team arrived in Seoul Hilton Hotel. The arrival time later than predicted for about 40 minutes, coach Gao Hongbo was the first to go off, then dressed in a suit and the players have continued to get off. For the scene of the fans’ signature photo requirements, whether it is a coach or team members are very well, some fans are also particularly interested in people around the show Gao Hongbo, Yu Hai, Huang Bowen, Wu Lei et al. In order to meet the Chinese team, the hotel made a special arrangement. First sent security personnel to maintain order at the scene, do not let the fans and the media to bring too many obstacles to the arrival of the country. They are still in the lobby paved the carpet to greet guests with a way to meet China team. Players go upstairs to rest, and then come down to dinner. It took less than five minutes to get off the bus. In addition, in order to allow the players to rest well, this time all players are single room. According to the team, the Chinese team will be training in the Seoul World Cup Stadium this afternoon, opening fifteen minutes before the opening. Then they will be carried out in August 31st on training on the evening of September 1st, and then the team will officially usher in South Korea and Russia in Asia Top 12 world cup opener.