South Korea’s history of confrontation: konghan into pain point "high a" surprise Beijing Beijing, September 1, (Yue Chuan) this evening, the Orangemen will visit South Korea, officially opened the 2018 World Cup Asian zone 12 finals. South Korea’s review of the history of confrontation, the Orangemen though with "koreaphobia" dark memory, but also a high performance light shines. "High school" can win South Korea? The picture is Gao Hongbo. China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang photo in the December 1978 Thailand Asian Games in Bangkok, Chinese team 0:1 defeat to South Korea, from the next 32 years, China in the international class a tournament team of the South Korean team suffered a formal level that is non negative, 26 games lost more than half of them, only at 11. The overall record 32 games against the same data fully into the wind too horrible to look at. In the history of confrontation, and even can be said that the Chinese team and the Korean team is not on a strength level. The weakness of long time, gradually derived from a country full of words belonging to the "koreaphobia", and become one of the Chinese football pain points. After the 1978 Asian Games in Bangkok, South Korea began to suppress the national foot. In the World Cup qualifiers, Olympic qualifying tournament, the Asian Cup qualifiers, East Asian Football Championship, Korea match, Asian Games, Asian Cup game, the Orangemen winless in years. 1986 Busan Asian Games on the contest, is the national team to face the South Korean team lost most of a single field. The game was once 1-4 behind the Chinese team, the final score in 2-4. In 1989, Singapore is the only time the two teams in the World Cup qualifier against the South Korean team won 1-0, China team in the original situation well, and eventually missed the summer of Italy. After entering the new century, magic coach Milutinovic in July 2000 ushered in their first "anti war", the Orangemen defeated 0-1 home court battle. Later the same year’s Asian Cup, the Orangemen two wars in Korea, and the group phase scored with rival Su Maozhen and Fan Zhiyi tied 2-2, the game comes back, by the fans as a classic; but later in the 3 and 4 finals, Lee Dong overtime "golden" the Chinese team sudden death. 3-0 break the "koreaphobia" experienced a long time after dark, and finally in February 2010 the East Asian Football Championship, the Orangemen shameful, with a dripping 3-0 shattered "koreaphobia". The sea was due to break the deadlock, Gao Lin icing on the cake, but the best goal from Deng Zhuoxiang, he finished with the wall in the back with the team, then even the number of people in the area around the scoring. It is worth mentioning that, at the helm is Gao Hongbo, the game even caused widespread concern in the foreign media. After the exciting 3-0, China team and Korea team has played two times in the two Asian Cup, Chinese football and a draw, one of which is the latest in Wuhan last year, the Orangemen lost 0-2, then South Korea coach has been replaced by German Stielike incumbent. This is the first game tonight, "Gao Hongbo returned to the helm after the Korean war against the national team". "High school" can continue the "high phase" of the magic, once again create surprises, we wipe the eyes to