Since the overall evolution of upgrading the market performance of new Tiggo 3 sales growth of 56%- Beijing, Beijing, September 26, since May of this year to upgrade the market, new Tiggo 3 sales performance has been very eye-catching, listed first month sales growth of 56%, CS35, H2 and racing together bridle to bridle the hover car sales, has become one of the most popular small SUV. It is not difficult to see that the new models into the Chery strategy after 2 launch of the more fit consumer market, more precise positioning, sales have been further breakthrough, the upcoming Tiggo 7, is directed at the independent SUV sales throne. Tiggo 3 can be said to be the forerunner of independent SUV, with 10 years of millions of sales, and to export exemption status models are exported to more than and 80 countries and regions in the world, accumulated a good reputation of the user, is the independent brand SUV classic. Chery entered the 2 strategy, for the classic models Tiggo 3 conducted a comprehensive evolutionary upgrade, the new Tiggo launched in May this year 3 is reborn, aimed at young consumers were as many as 183 upgrade, the appearance of more young fashion, interior dynamic avant-garde, with Internet technology and configuration, enhance the performance of the new Tiggo 3 quality rose to a new height, significantly enhance the competitiveness, so after the listing has many consumers. At present, sales stable new Tiggo 3 independent small SUV in the forefront, is still one of the most popular independent small SUV, which makes the core technology of the leap in the car had to admire the Chery strategy after 2 and more accurate market positioning. However, Chery this year in the field of SUV is not the highlight of the new Tiggo 3 scenery unlimited, Chery real killer is coming in the new strategic SUV tiger listed in September 20th 7. Chery Tiggo 7 entry strategy 2, through the V type positive development process, the new T1X platform based on the experience of 4 years completely independent positive development and verification, have the quality and performance of shoulder joint venture, beyond the self, is the new Tiggo family flagship product, is of epoch-making significance for Chery. Reverse development and independent brand has always been different, Tiggo 7 is through T1X platform completely positive development in technology, have the challenge even beyond the level of joint venture vehicle. The T1X platform is Chery strategy to enter the 2 era, following the V type positive development process, exclusive SUV integrated platform of Jaguar Land Rover, qoros technology to build the platform, with a leading independent and flexible bandwidth advantages, the bandwidth between 2560-2800mm wheelbase platform, and according to the different needs of the flexible application of space travel, produce 5 or 7 models. Tiggo 7 is a new platform for the first model, thanks to the advanced technology platform, Tiggo 7, whether it is modeling, space, quality, or power, control, science and technology have reached the international level, and has been highly recognized by the industry in a series of media drive before listing in the media that is the optimal performance of Tiggo 7 independent SUV products in the chassis, shape, spacious and comfortable ride and forward movement.