The technology giant apple and AI teamed up to form a coalition but absent Tencent musk technology news according to foreign media reports, in order to establish the understanding of artificial intelligence technology to help the public better and speed up the R & D related standard, Facebook (micro-blog), Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM recently teamed up to create a new the AI alliance. It is reported that this AI union is not responsible for government lobbying work, but will expand the field of AI related research, to promote the establishment of norms, published AI research results and the establishment of cooperation mechanisms with the human AI system. Members of this alliance including science and technology enterprises, but also including some non member enterprises, and the Union also expressed the hope that in the future more academic experts, non-profit organizations and policy and moral experts in the field to join them. The news, the alliance also is actively contact the Elon Musk (Elon Musk) in artificial intelligence created by the non-profit organization OpenAI and the American Association for artificial intelligence, hope that they can join this organization. In this regard, Microsoft Research Department official said, the establishment of the nonprofit alliance is because of the recent AI threat of rampant, so we worried that the government regulation will slow down the pace of the advance of AI technology. But in fact, these concerns are due to lack of transparency in the development of AI technology, and our propaganda work done is not good cause, so if this technology is to continue to move forward must open to obtain public tolerance. It is necessary to point out that the five founding companies the AI alliance has a strong R & D team including IBM AI, Watson super computer, Amazon and Google’s voice assistant Alexa artificial Intelligent Company DeepMind is now the people have the name for having heard it many times. Among them, the Google DeepMind team developed AlphaGo earlier this year had just defeated world chess champion Li Shishi, which also quickly attracted major media for artificial intelligence and deep learning attention, also triggered including Stephen Hocking (StephenHawking), Bill Gates (Bill Gates) and others for artificial intelligence concerns. However, Microsoft CEO Satir – Nadella (Satya Nadella) recently in Atlanta organized activities are not to regard it as right and even ridiculed Google little worthless. He said: "Microsoft artificial intelligence is not concerned with human beating in the game, but the artificial intelligence as a tool to serve individuals and institutions, while trying to solve the problems to be solved in the current economic society." The big two has invested enormous resources in the absence of AI personal assistant, voice control and image recognition and other aspects of the apple ‘s did not join the union, and the company has been a well-known industry does not follow the crowd. For example, when Google, Facebok, Microsoft, YAHOO and Twitter in 2015 against the British government’s introduction of the InvestigatoryPowers Act (Bill).