Ji Zhe: Beijing ten years team fans remember I want to leave, change zhe Ji has played for Beijing for ten seasons from the public, "Beijing Sports Radio" zhe Ji is a good player, he is the team defending a key ring, as long as he played well when the team is playing very well. As an inside player, he moves very fast, but because of their height and weight are not outstanding, so the ability to resist the general, but the defense of high enthusiasm, strong ability to intercept back. From the boy up to now the captain of Shougang, Ji zhe experienced ten seasons of groundless talk, as he said, "the first few years we have not even make the playoffs, when the worst of the empty hall. Now we change to the Wukesong, almost every are full. These ten years have been a qualitative change for me, and I have been able to live for a few more years, especially for an athlete." "The finger wagging incident, Ji zhe suffered many fans" change zhe Ji "noise attack, but he showed the occupation spirit, unmoved. Zhe Ji with their high efficiency shot to help the team to break the deadlock, and the horns fell down many times to defend, with blue collar workers performance helped hold the victory, dedicated their strength for the team’s victory. The 30 year old Ji zhe said, "people around a group of a group to change, the heart is definitely not. But there is no way, competitive sports is so cruel. Maybe the next one is me. If there really is one day, I hope the fans can still remember me at least, but also remember that such a team for the Beijing people who had been silent."