Messi: fans love let me return to the national team now feel very happy – Sohu sports HD photo: Messi broke before rallying roar catharsis warm heart hold Su God this morning Beijing time for the World Cup qualifiers South American debut game, Messi return to the national team after the offer by virtue of his wonderful performances, Argentina the goal in a 1-0 victory over Uruguay. After the game, in an interview with TYC, Messi also said that the love of the fans in Argentina, he chose to return to the national team". Messi said: "this is my return to the Argentina national team after the first game, to beat the powerful Uruguay I am very happy. The team played very positive and active, which was the key to our success. It’s a very happy thing to go back to the national team and work with my teammates. Without their help I couldn’t finish the goal, which was the result of a team effort." For his withdrawal from the Argentina national team at the time, Messi explained: after the end of the Copa America, I was really disappointed to the extreme. I didn’t mean to cheat when I said those words (away from Argentina), because I was really frustrated, and it was a big blow to me. At that time, I had only one idea that was far away from strife and gossip. For Argentina fans, Messi also expressed his gratitude: I said I would not come back, but I still come back. After so many things, I want to return to the Argentina national team. After saying that, I felt from all the people we have incomparable love, never abandon — only this time, it has been. This makes me think of our national team, the coach and I think Mr. talk, everyone on my love in mind, whether it is in the corner of the country, Buenos Aires, Cordoba or Mendoza today, are able to see. I really appreciate it, and I can’t help it. I once said that if one day I really returned to the Argentina national team, it must be for the Argentina fans, for those who support me. In particular, I was excited to see what the fans were doing for me. It was the Argentina fans who supported me that cured me of my pain, and I came out of the haze of failure. I can’t go back to Argentina and the team I love, put on this shirt 10. I chose to return to Argentina." When asked Argentina’s mess, Messi responded: "we all know the association problem now, but I believe that through everyone to contribute an own strength, we must do our best to help Argentina through football." Speaking of today’s game against Uruguay, Messi said: "we are now starting a new era, it is very important to win, it makes everything easier. Today, the game is not fully expected, Uruguay’s defense is very tight, it is difficult to break through their defense. But we know that as long as the advanced ball, can force them to attack. Dibala red card was not fair. It’s not a foul).