Rocket boss: Harden and the most intimate relationship is different as the team atmosphere! James 15-16 season personal performance of third Tencent sports news September 26th since 1993, Alexander has been the Rockets owner. Chinese fans for the Rockets boss can say love and hate, love is once in his role Yao Ming, and hate is the number of Chinese fans in the eyes of Alexander is not willing to invest in a miser. Harden and rocket boss in the past 23 years, Alexander and his Rockets won two NBA championship, he is also considered one of the best teams in the League boss. Last season, the Rockets failed, coach Mchale was fired after 11 games, the playoffs in the first round of the Rockets lost to the warriors in the early exit. But the Rockets in the offseason, a series of operations by the signing of Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon and Nene free player, the Rockets hope to usher in a boom in the new season. Today, Alexander accepted an interview with ESPN news about the team and his own side. ESPN: there are a lot of players talking about this year’s team is not the same atmosphere, you feel it? Alexander: This is the one hundred percent thing, the players look happier, especially Harden, he looks very happy, I feel they are very united this year. The Rockets players want to win, but we have the players Anderson in the offseason, Gordon and Nene, last season’s team, they have poor performance, they are very eager to win. ESPN: How did you manage to keep yourself in a more difficult position after experiencing the worst of the season? Alexander: I hope the team does not have the same style, I think last season we lack of focus on defense, so in the offseason we introduced a defensive coach, also introduced three strong players. One of the biggest problems with the team last season was a bad shot, so we have two excellent players in the squad and we have a good team. ESPN: looks like you have a better relationship with Harden? This is a natural organic combination, or do you deliberately do? Alexander: it’s a natural phenomenon. ESPN: you have a good relationship with Olajuwon, Drexler, and the other rockets players. So compared with them, how do you evaluate the relationship between himself and harden? Alexander: he does not often appear in the Rockets, but he and I are very good, we will see each other, we both love each other. My relationship with Drexler is the best. He often goes to visit my family with my wife. I love the dream at the same time, the relationship between Mcgrady and me is also quite good. However, when all of these players are still playing rockets, my relationship with them is not as close as my relationship with Harden. ESPN: why? Alexander: that’s the way it goes. When I first met Harden, he was very young. And when I first met Olajuwon, Drexler and Mcgrady.