Shanxi Taiyuan police uncovered involving seven provinces of credit card fraud business card consumption instantly copied – Beijing, Beijing, September 20 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Song Lichao) Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau held a press conference briefing on the 20, the local police have uncovered involving seven provinces of credit card fraud. Criminals using modified POS copy other people’s credit card, crazy crime more than 60. According to reports, the 4 suspects have been arrested. May 18th, the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau pointed out that the South Lawn District branch of the HSBC criminal police team received two consecutive victims, said the Chinese credit card stolen brush $50 thousand, people’s livelihood credit card stolen brush 38 thousand yuan. Two victims at the time the bank card in their side, I did not conduct any operation. The police task force through the comprehensive analysis of the two bank card stolen brush, found that the amount of the card is POS machine consumption. By querying the POS relevant information, found only in May 18th, 19, up to 260 thousand yuan of large consumer credit. After further investigation, the police task force found that the amount of the card was transferred to another 8 bank card, and in the city of Hebei province is taken now. The police task force was immediately rushed to the bank teller investigation found that money man a man about 30 years old, he in May 18th, 19, 8 Banks in the city in Hebei Province, through the ATM machine withdrawals. Because the suspect did not use my bank card to operate, police temporarily unable to get their true identity information. The investigation clues interrupt by payee information, the police task force to re sort the clues, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the POS machine, POS machine to find the registration information, eventually locked the suspect Lee (male, 30 years old, Liaoning province Yixian people), Wu (male, 26 years old, Xupu Hunan County), Liu (male, 32 years old, Liaoning province Zhuanghe city). Among them, the suspect Wu Mouzheng is in a city of Hebei Province, withdrawals man. After the network surveillance aircraft, involving 3 suspects in Taiyuan, Dalian and other places were arrested. Then locked the last suspect Jeong (male, 31 years old, Helen, Heilongjiang, who was arrested in Beijing). After investigation, the gang to buy UnionPay POS machines illegal modification through the network, and the normal selling to businesses. Whenever someone credit card spending, the bank card number, password will be automatically POS memory, the suspect through technical measures to extract credit card information. Subsequently, the suspect through the card reader to obtain account information into the prepared blank bank card, and by copying the good bank card in addition to the POS machine fraudulent, then the money will be distributed to the bank card, and then through the ATM withdrawals. The police, the gang suspects Lee and Liu led the two people responsible for the crime of financial support, and vigorously promote the POS, Zheng is responsible for copying the bank card, and fraudulent transfers and the provision of technical services, Wu is responsible for ATM in randomly selected withdrawals. The gang since March 2015 in Taiyuan crime, crazy crime more than 60 cases, involving more than 200 yuan. By)