China will be the first South Korean War wearing a yellow shirt and white shirt – farewell Beijing newspaper news (Shenyang daily, Shenyang network reporter Ma Cheng) at the 2018 World Cup qualifier in Russia 12 finals, Chinese soccer team will be the first in the colours changed. It is reported that the national team’s future China colours will be red, yellow, white shirt from farewell. In September 1st, China team and Korea team game will be the first in a yellow jersey away kit. In the previous foot colors are red and white, the white in quite a long time to become the home court colours. After the change in the national team shirt sponsor last year, was also a new design of the new uniforms, including Jersey color change. After much deliberation, the final decision of the new national team jersey colors will be red, yellow two colors, which is consistent with the color of the flag. China team will have red as the color of the shirt as the home court, yellow jersey road main colors. Currently, the New Jersey also confidential. However, according to informed sources, the national Jersey away with the Chinese women’s volleyball team to participate in the Olympic finals in the yellow jersey style is similar to the yellow color, with red.