Mission Hills World Star Douglas and his wife returned in October to debut actor Douglas is a fan of golf Beijing on September 22nd news hundred-percent, early in 2010 the first mission hills world star, Hollywood actor Mike Douglas and Mrs. Catherine Zeta Jones had appeared together, but for some reason did not take place. In October this year, the Hollywood actor finally a circle will swing in the world the first ball of the dream. In the past at the star of Hollywood star total gains of nearly 10 Oscar awards, more than 10 Golden Globes and supreme honor of dozens of film and television industry. Douglas will attend Haikou Guanlanhu star more brilliant. Star game as "Hollywood" together the star after the United States occupation – Pebble Beach amateur tournament match, the Dunhill Links Championship, and Mission Hills World All Star game is the golf festival in Europe and beyond, cross region convergence Studio Entertainment stars, celebrities. The world’s first big ball tournament trader, Guinness world records will be the mission hills in the past 20 years, has successfully contributed to Woods’s first visit to China, Woods penned the vs Mike Roy, "the world’s first challenge, world cup of golf and a series of the world’s top events, let China high altar in the world. Hollywood actor Mike Douglas with "the three words Guanlanhu" at home and abroad of the appeal and influence of film and television entertainment stars, celebrities, to play a hundred responses to a single call. Under the Mission Hills generous and planning director, each star is a box office hit "Hollywood", the competition of Hollywood stars total gains of nearly 10 Oscar awards, more than 10 Golden Globe Awards, honor supreme dozens of film and television industry. As Nicole Kidman won the "all the time" the coronation of Oscar winning actress, starred in the "Moulin Rouge", "rabbit hole" also let it twice won the best actress Oscar nomination; Catherine Zeta Jones starred in the "ocean’s twelve", "entrapment", "Chicago", "battlefield 2" is a hit she played in the film, "the mask of Zorro" in the corner of a sexy Elena let Mike Douglas at first sight, eventually led to the difference of 25 year old happy marriage. Matthew Mcconaughey relies on the "Dallas buyers club" a title swept almost all important awards including best actor winner Oscar, Ryan Reynolds; a "Green Lantern" and "Deadpool" characters are popular; Andy Garcia starred in the classic movie "the godfather" in 3, Oscar won the best supporting actor. In addition, the "old play bone" Morgan Freeman, "Captain America" Chris – Evans, the sexy actress Jessica Alba, lover Hugh Grant, pianist Adrian Brody also had a guest. Mike Douglas’s debut this year, the Haikou lake is more bright stars. Born Mike Douglas performing family and have never lack of Hollywood The students surpass the teacher. performing family, such as Voight and Angelina Julie – and his daughter, Goldy huo.