Peng Shuai’s journey in the future out of the net in the end is still unabated confidence – Sports Sohu with transnational combination and Mike Hale 7 in the women’s doubles final 1/4 4:6 and lost 2:6 Martek / SA Falova, China "Jinhua" Peng Shuai ended in the Internet all the journey. From just recovered when carefully, until now in the singles and doubles project on "double battle", a step by step out of the shadows of injuries Peng Shuai still have confidence in the future, believe their future road will be getting better and better. Two pairs of combinations in the latest Wuhan Open tennis tournament played in two straight sets, crossed the Martek / Peng Shuai combination Safarova this off the final aspirations. Peng Shuai thinks the game itself and play Mike Hale to better contest net, but are close in the first set, second sets have the opportunity in the case did not hold, the opponent recent state is very good, two people with very understanding, and very powerful. The net is Peng Shuai this season third crown WTA tournament, out of the second round singles, doubles zhibubajiang, for his performance in the tournament, Peng Shuai satisfied with the overall. "I think the whole play much better than before, play more and more normal. Although it is not the best state, but in the effort to restore, this is a good game I recently played, but also to continue to maintain the following." She said. Peng Shuai was in the semi-finals two years ago in the US, the world was ranked in the top 20, but the injury has become an obstacle to her to move on. Surgery back from last year after the end of the law, in order to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio to actively return to gradually out of the shadows of injuries Peng Shuai hopes to return to its former state, but she also admitted that this need step by step. "At first, I can see if I can continue to play, because the doubles run small, from the doubles, has been restored to the present. At the beginning of the time are unknown, go to now will feel the success rate will be more than before, now doubles and singles can play." She said. Peng Shuai said that last year the winter when I play a game to stay for three days now, recovery time is shortened, the increase in the amount of the game, with time to adapt slowly, she believes will be getting better and better, will gradually increase the amount of training to adapt to the game, she still have confidence in the future. "I’m going to be on the right track, and I’ll tell myself to keep going." Peng Shuai said.