Moving up in the golden season of an invigorating autumn climate, exercise! Sohu healthy autumn cool morning and evening, it is a good time to exercise fitness. Is not the heart? Exercise is also a stress oh! What are the suitable physical exercises in autumn? Run to run to enhance blood circulation, improve heart function, improve the brain’s blood supply and oxygen supply of brain cells, reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis, so that the brain can work properly. Suggestion: not less than 40 minutes each time, with medium speed or jogging speed. The autumn temperature is just right for climbing. The best time to climb the mountain in the afternoon of three to nine o’clock in the evening, this time, the temperature is just right, not hot nor cold. Morning and evening if the weather is too cold, sweating on the top of the mountain, the wind blows, extremely easy to cause a cold, do not recommend at this time climbing. In addition, climbing exercise human heart and lung function. Suggestion: high speed to slow down, when can change clothes, to adapt to the temperature of the. Compared with outdoor sports, badminton, indoor sports such as this makes people feel more comfortable, and good exercise. According to the data show that a regular badminton competition, sports intensity than a football game. Suggestion: warming up before exercise is essential to avoid injury. Ride a bicycle can not only lose weight, but also make the figure more attractive symmetry. The results show that cycling and running, swimming, is one of the most able to improve the human heart and lungs endurance exercise. Recommendation: novice cyclists, you can choose a more flat road. Skilled, you can choose a certain slope of the road, in order to enhance the consumption of calories to better achieve the purpose of weight loss. Autumn sports should pay attention to what? Timely replenishment prevent Qiuzao from humid summer into autumn, a dry climate, the temperature is decreased, the body content easy to plot a number of dry and hot, autumn air humidity decreased, easily lead to throat and dry tongue, dry lips, nose bleeding, dry stool and other symptoms. Coupled with the loss of water during exercise will increase the body’s response to dehydration. So, the movement must drink boiling water, eat pears, apples, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables and other soft food. Pay attention to clothing to prevent the common cold autumn exercise sweating more, little attention will have the risk of catching a cold. So, do not get out of bed on dress to go outdoors, to give the body a suitable time. Especially the elderly, do not wake up in the morning to get up, because the old disc relaxation, suddenly change from supine to upright position may occur sprain of the back of the phenomenon, have high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in the elderly to get up to be careful, be in bed stretch, stretch a joint, a little rest for a while then get out of bed. Running in the morning exercise should not be on the side of the Boulevard in autumn jogging, breathing the fresh air is conducive to human health. In the city, the road more and more, autumn dry climate, easy dust flying, a lot of people in order to save, on the side of the road