The navy ship 054A Unveiled New Zealand international fleet review with the Japanese fleet – Sohu Military Channel Yancheng ship to join the New Zealand international fleet review activities and New Zealand overseas Chinese Association of New Zealand newspaper Oakland on 19 November, the morning of Oakland in New Zealand waters in smooth water, Chinese navy ship in Yancheng were invited to participate in the commemoration of the 75 anniversary of the establishment of the New Zealand Navy international fleet review activities. 9 pm, Yancheng ship from Oakland port Wynyard pier sail untwisting and invited to Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Chile and other countries of the naval fleet sailed to sea by the reading by reading. At 13:30, the governor of New Zealand? Reddy, deputy commander of the Beihai fleet Huang Xinjian and guests at the parade — multinational Ship New Zealand Navy "Otago" patrol ship international fleet review. Reporters on the scene, wearing a white uniform of Navy, Yancheng ship officers and soldiers lined up neatly with a mettlesome and handsome bearing. With the practice of captain Cai Qing gave the order, I read to review the ship officers and soldiers saluted with the hand and salute, mighty junzi, strict discipline, high spirited spirit fully demonstrated Chinese naval peace and civilization troops image. The Oakland New Zealand in November 19, 18 local time, 19 am, to celebrate the 75 anniversary of the establishment of the New Zealand Navy international fleet review activities of the Beihai fleet Yancheng ship officers and soldiers, held social activities with local overseas Chinese in Oakland museum. Oakland is the largest city in New Zealand, with nearly 200 thousand Chinese and overseas chinese. Although they come from three different regions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, they have been concerned about the rapid development of the motherland. In recent years, the rapid development of bilateral relations between China and, Oakland port as an important port in New Zealand, has received the Chinese navy ship Qingdao, Yichang ship, Harbin ship and many other ships to visit. Chinese and overseas with great enthusiasm to visit the ship officers and soldiers to support and help. "Homesick" "fifteen moon" "bless the motherland"…… In the course of the activity, the Chinese and overseas Chinese sang a song of love, expressing their affection for their relatives from the motherland. Officers and men also went to the stage, for Chinese and overseas to bring a national program, deeply infected with the scene of each individual. Is the overseas Chinese Wang has sixty years of age, I was a soldier in the people’s navy, he took the soldiers hands together to sing military songs. He excitedly told reporters: "our nation’s navy is more and more confident and open, professional, has achieved a success, won the respect of the world, the motherland has such forces, we are proud of these overseas." 21:30 Xu, the end of the event. In the face of reluctant to part Chinese and overseas Chinese, Wu Haihua, director of the Beihai fleet Political Work Department said, they must be in the journey towards the deep blue tenacious struggle, struggling to move forward, to fulfill the mission, to build a strong navy training hard and unremitting efforts, to reward outstanding achievements, and has the National People’s China Passion, the pure heart of overseas chinese.