Shanghai Media: shopping installs only take 1 minutes or AFC Champions League hurk The loss outweighs the gain. physical score morning news reporters Yu Jiong and Hulk injury, is the port of Shanghai last night in the twenty-fourth round against Beijing Guoan home court the biggest surprise. Unfortunately, although the Hulk scored two on the Hong Kong team, but still regret 2:2 Guoan draw. The Hong Kong coach Erickson said a day after the Hulk will enter the game starting lineup, and did not go back. Hulk in the game, sprint Pinqiang exceptionally positive, do the action is "reckless", seems to have been from the previous injury completely recovered. Before the Hulk also said on his personal website, after a long time the wounds, he can finally do something you love doing — play. Hulk center role in the game; first injury, the beginning of the game, Wu Lei is an attacking midfielder, El Kessen on the left side of the road, Evra was arranged in the right wing position. However, with the advance of the game, the situation can not play a long time on the Hong Kong team in the offensive organization made adjustments. Aierkesen into tissue type waist, Wu Lei is closer to the opponent’s goal, with the speed of making threats. Although the Hong Kong team played his speed advantage, Evra and Wu Lei are very active, but the first half of the real threat to the goal is not much opportunity, between the hulk and running the team is not fully in place. But Beijing Guoan played a few good offensive, to the port goalkeeper Yan Junling exerted a lot of pressure. In the second half, Hu’s personal ability played a role. Fiftieth minutes after the crotch area before wearing extraordinary strong long-range, direct is a world wave to break the national security goal. Erickson said before the Hulk only played 60 minutes of the game, but the game is not the case that night. When the sixty-sixth minute match penalty equaliser, apparently in order to keep in front of the attack, the Hulk continues to be in the field, especially after Guoan counter ultra score. But, just back from the Hulk was in the final stages of physical problems, the threat is much smaller. But the star is super star, personal ability he forced people right xiadichuanzhong, won the equaliser penalty for the team, he scored two of his penalty. Hulk personal ability can be fully reflected, but also indicate the Hong Kong team on the offensive organization, the lack of efficiency is greatly reduced after clipping. This is why the front accumulation of so many good offensive player, but was the root of the match. In fact, in addition to loopholes in the defense, the attack is not high efficiency is fatal. Today, the Hong Kong team will be sent to South Korea’s State Road AFC Champions League. In the absence of the Conca, hulk and Wu Lei will undoubtedly be the team’s most dependable player, after all, the away goal is the key to whether the cut. The worry is that players like Wu Lei, Hulk played 90 minutes, the Hong Kong team only got 1 points, not only to narrow in the standings and the top three of the gap, perhaps on Tuesday AFC Champions League bring physical pressure on the away game, a little The loss outweighs the gain.