The new aid Tongxi hope to emulate Beasley again: this work is difficult to refuse to follow the new aid Tongxi Beasley again of course, Hu Weidong yesterday also announced the signing of a final Tongxi suspense — foreign aid. Dehuan · Blair, the former NBA all star rookie season scored 22 points and 23 rebounds inside the monster, as Tongxi finalized foreign aid, he will be the new season and the playoffs and before Abbas comes with the aura of the Cavs Corelle, together, help Tongxi team to complete the playoff goal. Since his rookie season was drafted by the Spurs, only 2.01 meters tall, 2.18 meters long Blair rely on arms and aggressive play, soon became the main team player rotation. Four years in the Spurs, Blair fully demonstrated his strength. The 2013-14 season, he donned the Dallas shirt, coincidentally, the first round of the playoffs met old club, Blair’s tough and tough makes a calf on black eight miracle, only to eventually lost to 3:4. In that year’s playoffs, Blair played 28.8 of the efficiency value, second only to the League of the league in the first place in the League of the United States and the United States by the year of the year of the. However, after the transfer of the Wizards from the Mavericks, Blair two season games are less than 7 minutes of play time, in February of this year, Blair was traded to the sun, then cut. However, this summer he has maintained a high intensity training, 27 years old, he believes he still has the ability to get a contract in NBA. However, from Jiangsu Tongxi olive branch that he changed his mind, "it is difficult to refuse, this is a great job!" Blair knew that Beasley, who was born in 1989, had a magical experience at CBA and is now back in NBA. "I Maikeerbi a year earlier to enter the NBA, he’s No. 2 show, we sometimes encounter bottleneck, change the environment may be a good choice, such as Chinese CBA." Tongxi three foreign aid, according to Hu Weidong’s words, is "in accordance with the construction team to choose the style of thinking". He hoped that Blair at the end of September to return with the team, is also currently in communication and brokers: "after all, there are a lot of games in October, a little earlier to run more favorable." Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Chenxing