The exposure was 80 million renhang signing $17 million failed [temptation cable information] exposure renhang 80 million signing temptation cable 17 million times salary failed JINGWAH (reporter Zheng Nan) with 6 round of Super League, between the airlines and the Jiangsu Suning storm has finally come to an end. Last night, Hebei Huaxia Happiness Club and Jiangsu Suning club also announced that the international renhang officially from Suning’s transfer to the Chinese happy, but the two clubs have not said in a statement the transfer fee and other details. Once the captain Su Ning Ren hang more than 8 points last night, Jiangsu Suning football club official micro-blog announced the transfer news renhang: by consent of the parties, the club and the player I renhang the termination of the contract, any aircraft to join from now on Hebei Huaxia happiness football club. The official Chinese Happiness Club micro-blog almost simultaneously released the news: friendly consultations by the parties, Ren hang from now on to join the Hebei China Happy football club. Born in 1989 in 2010 renhang joined Jiangsu sainty (now Jiangsu Suning). At the beginning of the season, due to the extension of the contract with the club has not been able to reach a consensus, Ren and the club made a very unpleasant. The message says, at the beginning of the season the club had to sign 80 million invitation fee renhang join, then as airlines with Suning Club showdown, said that taking into account the feelings of many years, to 60 million and 17 million of the annual salary contract signing fee, but it can’t get Suning license. Thus, after playing 12 league games on behalf of the team, either by the club’s "stop" punishment three. Ren Hang is Gao Hongbo on a defender, has not yet been a chance to play, also affects the natural country full of interest. Football Association has also expressed concern about the state of any navigation, came forward with Suning consultations, hoping to get the opportunity to get the opportunity to play. Although as the starting point in the fight against South Korea, Iran, the 12 games played full court, but did not play the official race for a few months, the state of navigation is not as good as before. Today, China Airlines to join the happiness, but also to the country to the foot of a heart.