CGNPC Chairman: the core demands of investing in the UK is to promote the "Hualong No.1" landing – Beijing, China News Agency, London 30 September Xinhua: CNPEC Chairman: the core demands of investing in the UK is to promote the "Hualong No.1" landing News Agency reporter Zhou Zhaojun after twists and turns, in the three party cooperation Hinckley C 29 nuclear power projects signed the final investment agreement, marking the Sino British Relations "flagship of the golden age" finally start substantive. At the same time, Brad B nuclear power project preparatory work started to be used in the project, Hualong one technology submitted to the British government to carry out universal design review. Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd. chairman He Yu in an interview with News Agency reporters said, "Brad, B investment projects, and promote the" Hualong one "through the general design review successfully landed in the UK, which is the core of our appeal is investing in the uk." In the China Guangdong nuclear power and the French Power Group signed the agreement, in addition to Hinkley point C project, the two companies will be in the UK, Seth C, Brad B, the two nuclear power project cooperation. Brad, the B project will be led by China Guangdong nuclear power, the French power group to participate in the project development phase, the investment will occupy 66.5% and 33.5% of the shares, and the three generation nuclear power technology "China independent research and development of Hualong no.". According to the British nuclear safety regulations, the use of new technologies in the United Kingdom has not been used in nuclear power plants, the project must be carried out before the British general design review (GDA). This is the world’s most stringent nuclear power technology review, since its launch, only the French EPR technology successfully passed. He Yu said that after the signing of the agreement, China Guangdong nuclear power immediately submitted to the British government, Hualong one for universal design review application, and strive to complete the review within five years. "This is the" Hualong one "landing in the United Kingdom, the technical premise, but also the" Hualong one "to the world a key step." He Yu pointed out that the Brad B project is the first time for the Chinese enterprises to develop and build nuclear power projects in western developed countries, China’s nuclear power technology will be achieved to the western developed countries export breakthrough. Brad, the B project will be the Guangxi Fangchenggang nuclear power station phase two cnpec as the reference station, be to show the world advanced nuclear power technology Chinese window. Sino British cooperation between the three parties in the new nuclear power projects in Britain, before experiencing some twists and turns. France and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group announced in October last year, joint construction and operation of the British Samer Seth Shire Hinkley point C nuclear power plant reached a strategic investment agreement. The project is scheduled for July 29th this year, the formal signing of the contract, but in 11 hours to finalize before the British government announced that the final decision is made on the suspension of Hinkley point nuclear power project, and to postpone the three party package cooperation agreement signing ceremony. He Yu said that for nuclear power projects, the British government from the perspective of national security considerations, it is understandable. British people have some concerns about nuclear power projects, but also a very normal phenomenon. As nuclear power construction and operation of enterprises, it is important to strengthen communication with the public, and the most effective way to communicate is transparent. ")