25 single game board! He tied a career record of this season led reporters exclaimed torn white edge really fierce sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 16th, the Miami heat in the home court lost to Atlanta 90-93 eagle, Miami starting center Hasen – Whiteside played 38 minutes, 15 voted 6 to get 19 points, and 25 rebounds, the is the white side occupation second career single game to grab 25 rebounds. White edge is the last two years, the sudden rise of the excellent center, and quickly became the core of the heat. This summer, he signed a $4 contract with the Miami Heat for $98 million. Since the start of the season, the white side of the performance is very good, he averaged 18 points and 16 rebounds, plus a total of 2.3 blocks, the first team is the three data. Today, the heat against the Hawks, white side with the former NBA first center Dwight – Howard counterpoint. Although Howard in the past few years because of age and injury reasons for the decline in the state, but since joining the Hawks, he seems to regain the sense of the past. In the face of world of Warcraft, white edge today is aggressive, but from the start of the match and Warcraft fighting rebounds. From the end of the first quarter with 3 minutes left when the white side has grabbed 9 rebounds. Miami reporter Del – Richardson in the evaluation of the white edge of twitter wrote: there are not many players in the league can be like the same as the introduction of the introduction of the Dwight – Howard." This game, world of Warcraft because of injury to leave, while the white edge dominated area. He scored a total grabbed 25 rebounds, and 15 voted 6 to get 19 points, again played two pairs of data. Unfortunately, they failed to win, eventually lost 90-93. It is worth mentioning that this is the white side occupation second career single game to grab 25 rebounds, while all the other players Miami history only once did this. In addition, the white side became so far this season, only one game rebounds double player, and he averaged 16 rebounds in the league. (Rosen) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.