Super – 1-1 Yanbian ahead of two super achieved 6 consecutive win (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on the night of October 23rd, the 2016 season of Super League twenty-eighth round matches continue, Guangzhou Hengda home court drew 1-1 with Yanbian flight, 2 wheel locking in advance Hengda six consecutive super. The first half stoppage time, scored by Paulinho Hengda offensive in the corner; eighty-eighth minutes, Cheng Yin than garland wonderful assists next game in gold. The first 27 Harding Park Hengda to keep 7 advantage at the top position, because Suning played the lead in the current round of a draw, the Hengda just draw on locking in six consecutive years. Hengda frontcourt out the strongest team, and strive to win the championship in the home court. Just take over the country foot coach Lippi in Xu Jiayin accompanied by to watch the battle scene. The Yanbian team away record only 1 wins 2 flat 10 negative (away into 7 balls for the super second), but the Yanbian team this season first round 1-1 war Pingheng home court, Hengda with Yu Hanchao before the end of the match goal thriller equaliser. After the opening Hengda rapidly forward, but the Yanbian team in the game in 1 minutes by the impact of Hengda line behind the threat, Hetaijun box keeper Leipzig Liu Temple block block. Third minutes, Zheng Zhi will be on the right side of the ball down the Yanbian box, Gao Lin turned to low shot hit. The Yanbian team through aggressive looking for fast break opportunities, continuously formed in qianchangduanqiu; Zheng Zhi and Yin than garland Pinqiang fell to the ground after complaining about the referee, received a yellow card. Thirteenth minutes, Yanbian team kick and rush by far Hengda rescue, Hetaijun restricted area near the line of Volley hit the threat, Liu Dian base side to throw the ball out to. Hengda quickly with an offensive threat, Alan road Zhise restricted, Gao Lin offside forward has face the goalkeeper, but will hit. The game there was a featurette: edge referee for the Yanbian team corner, and the referee just weeks to indicate their confirmation of fine accuracy, while Zhou Gang considered Hengda kick, also signaled they can see clearly. Yanbian coach Portsmouth taixia very dissatisfied. Yin than garland scraping the stampede to Feng Xiaoting Zheng Zhi and Scolari on the sidelines of the leg, to the referee said with discontent. Twenty-fifth minutes, the Yanbian team right back after Jin Bo steals the ball by ball, Hetaijun area against Feng Xiaoting after the door did not play on the strength, Liu Dianzuo ball confiscated. This time the Yanbian team for the first team, Hengda Gao Lin and Alan into the fast rhythm, have formed periphery long-range. In thirty-eighth minutes, the Yanbian team right impact once again threatened, Jin Bo in the restricted area of spiking off after a small angle of attack door high. Hengda continued pressure before the formation of a continuous ball transfer. Forty-second minutes, Zhang Linpeng in Yanbian. The bottom line before caused by the rescue team, Zheng Zhi outside the door of high school. 1 minutes after Alan hit the ball forward slanting partial in the side of the net. Paulinho broke Hengda first half possession rate of 66%, the number of shots is 13-4 over the Yanbian team. The first half stoppage time, Gao Lin won the final Hengda using the corner kick opportunity scored: Huang Bowen will be on the right corner to the front, to the front of GalAT header ferry, Paulinho Shishe score close. Paulinho)