Jihai Sun: the Football Association for the national football coach to have the restriction [I’m not okay] super handsome uncle group which is stronger? Sheffield United coach 10 minutes unexpectedly burst 120 bad words in the latest issue of "I am" sea uncle program scheduled on the line, show the main topic focused on Hong Kong and super Huanshuai upgrade, Jihai Sun also invited a famous football sports weekly reporter Xiao Liangzhi together to discuss. Jihai Sun said that Erickson is a gentleman, Hong Kong Coaching is also reasonable, need more explosive force coach. For Erickson in the upper class, and choose the Boas. Jihai Sun said in surprise, "just a little shocked, Hong Kong didn’t get into the feedback, as expected, coaching is also reasonable. Erickson may not adapt to today’s environment, Hong Kong needs power, not instant success, but it does want to make achievements in investment as soon as possible." Xiao Liangzhi said, "the Hong Kong currently need more blasting coach, Lippi and Scolari won the world cup champion, Erickson before reached the peak, so the Hong Kong decided to move, invited Boas." Jihai Sun said, the Du Iraq is not occupation, are not good in Manchester (data) Jihai Sun had worked with Erickson for over a year, he praised Erickson’s "elegance, scarcely heard him loudly said, he is a gentleman, very nice, we meet at home he is also polite. I was in the championship Sheffield, coach 10 minutes to say 120 F word. Erickson and I had not heard him say a word for a year, only once he said shit, I was a little surprised, this is the only thing I heard a bad word." In recent years, the super teacher has developed by the former coach to coach in Western Europe, but the coach is always China football is an important force. Jihai Sun also experienced folado, Doyle and Xhosa, santrac and other appointed former coach, he recalls, "Xhosa family background is good, very gentleman, with style. Santrac coached Ba, teaching thinking is not clear, the class is very short. Vlado and Du Yi is at the initiative of Vlado is honest, Du Yi cannot be used to evaluate him good. Dui is not very professional, no matter what time to bring a pocket, but the training ground coaches should wear sports equipment, can not wear leather shoes and suits." As the year following the 08 Olympic preparations for the whole Xiao Liangzhi also said, "the Du Iraq training ground with a mobile phone call while texting, 08 years of the Olympic team and QPR team brawl, actually see each other we wrestle, the coach should stop, the game do not play, but no matter the Du Iraq, until 50 fight, this has a great relationship and Doyle. All the former coach inside any like him, he is too arrogant, look down on Chinese football." Jihai Sun believes that the football association must have the restriction to the manager, "no matter what the coach to do a survey, although the decentralization to him, but also to the great level of constraints, can not be left unchecked, failure process and speed China soccer forward." The program also talked about the ongoing Chinese Professional Football League, Xiao Liangzhi said, this is a milestone in the reform of the professional league in turn to the football association to the right, but the foot"