Harden scored 8 points in 1 minutes to the Savior! With the same shape of Warcraft Warcraft capping harden Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 6th, harden game 19 of 10 shots, hit 4 record three points, scored 30 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds, Howard had 20 points 14 rebounds. Rockets past two core as passers-by, see two people today and their behavior, people can not help but sigh if you continue this good together. "When the players left the team, people are looking for discord between him and a player," Howard said before the game, "there is no discord between us, we had nothing, we are successful, I will never succeed because a player of his discontent or hate he and his dream come true, I am happy for him, hope he will continue to play a very good performance." James also said, "I know what is the fact that there is no problem between us. We’ve never had a heated argument, but our partner on the pitch didn’t work." Originally the Rockets expect they can become another of 0K combination, but the magic board combination final part. Although before two people are invariably said no discord, can whistle two people even didn’t say hello, nor a hug, apparently hit their face, said there is no Guicai believe. No wow, happy now the Rockets have James Harden is one of the team, but he is often very helpless. This summer to harden Morey for Gordon and Anderson, but the two is not what a superstar. Then, when the father and mother to harden. The first day, he sent 10 points and 7 assists, the difference is pulled down to the two digit case, half of the last minute, harden outbreak, even in the two record three points, jumper, even scored 8 points, will narrow the difference to single digits. Half harden rumbled quasi two pairs of data of 24 points and 9 assists, but the Rockets still lag behind. The second half of the game is still harden a person carrying a team, but the game early in the fourth quarter into a waste of time, harden is also very helpless. The original Warcraft may become harden the best helper, but two people can not work together. (ACE)