The history of the most successful NBA 10 Star: LBJ Kobe Kobe and James Jordan only second sina sports news Beijing on September 12th news, according to the "NBA" memo reports, Lebron – James finally brought to his hometown championship, to honor their commitments. James has also become one of the greatest players in the history of NBA, so, in the history of the NBA’s most successful superstar, where can James be? Whether you like Lebron or not, you should admit that he is one of the top ten players in NBA history. Of course, there are many great players in the history of the NBA, such as J, Dr. Charles Barkley and Oscar Robertson, Elgin – Beller, Bob – Cousy and others, but in general, they may not be enough to rank among the league history before ten. We selected the history before ten, is in accordance with the honor and title number, personal data and other factors. 10 Shaquille O’neal 4 Championships, 3 finals MVP, in addition to several all star team and NBA team selected record, O’neal is probably the most famous stars of today’s generation of young people in mind, as long as O’neal mentioned, when a word is not open around the rule of force. NBA is not a small sub world, but the big man in front of O’neal is inferior by comparison. As one of the best players in NBA history, mainly from the Lakers in honour of O’neal’s three consecutive periods, he was at the both ends of the court called hand screen day. But O’neal ranking problem is that his career after half performance, except for 2006 with heat to get a title, almost no highlights of what. O’neal is often difficult to ensure attendance, which is a major controversy in his career. If someone on the list should get more rings, then the man must be O’neal. 9 – Larry Byrd Larry Byrd in ninth place, and not because we had not done carefully, but we want to think, how many birds on the mystery is invisible, not good evaluation. We are talking about the bird, always said that he is the history of the NBA in the forward pass the best, the best small forward in rebounding, and may even say he is the best shooter in NBA history, using the best game in trash. But these things are not good for data statistics and analysis, many of them belong to the category of metaphysics. Most of the time the bird play, NBA didn’t pay attention to three pointers, then why do you want to leave the front row in the Byrd shooters? Of course, he does one of the best teams in the NBA at the time, and it is the best player in the team. However, Byrd has 3 Championships, but because of injuries, he played in the star in the time is very short, we can only be him in this position. 8 although Kobe has had a lot of injuries in the last few seasons of his career, his effective career has actually ended in 2013, but even so, Kobe remains the same for the rest of the year in the year of