The three championship crown: Zhuang Zedong Zhu Yuling Zhu Yuling three men only flat predecessors to achieve full championship three consecutive singles with 109 world champion China table tennis team, the master as new faces. National Championship won singles champion by the industry that is harder than winning the world championship". Three consecutive years are chasing has reached, it is not easy. 2016 National Table Tennis Championships ended in Anshan in September 28th. Sichuan’s Zhu Yuling in the women’s singles final, 4-0 victory over Shanxi xiaoqiushou Wu Yang, realized 2014-2016 years "three consecutive World Table Tennis Women’s singles". Become Guoping fifth singles "three consecutive" players. Because there is such a brilliant performance as well as Zhuang Zedong, Ye Peiqiong, after Qiu Zhonghui and Deng Ya Ping, who in the world table tennis (National Games) on the realization of "three consecutive singles". Specifically, the whole world table tennis team game, world championships, have achieved three consecutive years of Zhuang Zedong, is in the 1964-1966 all world table tennis respectively against Zhou Lansun, He Zubin, Li Furong, the domestic "three consecutive years", and his whole team, world championships, world table tennis tournament are to achieve the "three consecutive" brilliant, but also unique in the domestic and international table tennis singles; leaf peggion realize "three consecutive years" time before her early in the 1956-1958 years (three beats Qiu Zhonghui) will complete this feat, it is the whole world table tennis singles Guoping "three consecutive" first person; was China’s first women’s singles champion Qiu Zhonghui won the world championships, three place the whole world table tennis women’s singles runner up after 1960-1962 years to perfect aspirations (three defeated Sun Meiying, Lin Huiqing, Zhou Meizhen); "Grand Slam" player, 18 world Winner Deng Ya Ping, has won five full cup women’s singles title, but three consecutive years in 1993-1995 (the other two are 1989 and 1997), she is still no one beyond this record. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, although not able to achieve over three consecutive singles ", but has won more than three national singles champion and national champion Wang Chuanyao Wang Tao, the man (four times), Ma Lin, Huang Xiping, Zhi Min, Jiao woman Zhang Yining. (Wang Qingsheng)