Tour Championship day because of a back injury to retire Dustin topped fifth wheat – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 24th, the total prize money of up to $8 million 500 thousand US tour FedEx Cup finals Tournament Championship, entered into the second game for the day in Atlanta, Georgia, East Lake golf club. Jensen daigh announced to retire because of back injury, Dustin Johnson with a total score of 7 below par performance continued to lead almost to the tens of millions of dollars in awards and the PGA Tour player of the year trophy in the bag. Kevin Chappelle – a total score of 6 under par, only ranked second, Kevin – Kingsna and Matsuyama Hideki a total score of 3 under par, ranked tied for third, Rory Mike Roy, a total score of 2 under par, ranked tied for fifth with Ruian Moore and Paul casey. Next week, Russell Knox will go to the Hazeltine Ryder Cup game, today he shot a 66 under par 4, has taken a solid step. He played the first nine holes 1 bird 1 bogey, after the transfer caught 4 birdie, far behind the leading 6 bar. Dustin Johnson – the first round hit 66 pole, today he hold the leading position, but a bit before he stumbled, 9 holes catch 2 bird ball, No. 10 and No. 11 hole hole and grabbed back-to-back birdies, came to a total score of 8 under par. No. 17 hole, he wood tee too fierce, bogeyed five hole, 18 hole did not account for cheap. In the end, he played 67 shots below the standard par, and the 2 round continued to lead the way. Although Jensen – Dai is optimistic about his injury, but he did not even support the two rounds of the past. No. 8 hole four hole, he kick off into the water, and then the fight also stumbled. The final day issued a statement said, "as a precautionary measure decided to exit the game in the long offseason to recuperate the body". Dustin Johnson and Kevin Chappelle will become the focus of the final round, but Kevin Chappelle has not yet received any championship. Although Dustin Johnson seems to occupy advantage, but the FedEx Cup standings ranked fifth in Paul and Cathy, ranked sixth in the Rory McElroy, currently has tens of millions of dollars in competition prize opportunities. (Alse)