Luneng team off the 5 day Liu Binbin to go to Germany to do surgery [] information security 1-2 Pelle Monty Atilio Yu Dabao put out the main goal scoring Luneng Shandong Luneng team sports Tencent September 26th morning 3-1 win the Team Guoan, on holiday, holiday for 5 days, from October 1st officially last stage for the super game. And the national security of the reserve team to play, Han Rongze, Li Songyi (data) from the first stage, in front of sources, Wu Xinghan partner, the first 11 people: Han Rongze, the Chen Zhechao, Li Songyi, Liu Yang, Wang Jiong, Qi Tianyu, Cui Wei, Zhang Chen, Wu Xinghan, Huangpu, as the source, as the source of a hat trick, the reserve team the league standings, Luneng reserves continue to 3 points behind in Hong Kong, ranked second, is a source of hope to win the Reserve League golden boot. Liu Binbin will go to Germany for operation in the Luneng team off the moment, Yang Xu, Hao Junmin and Zhao Mingjian, three players of the national team is the national team to prepare for the next, and Syria and Uzbekistan 12 finals. At the same time, the injured Liu Binbin is ready to go to Germany for surgery, this season confirmed reimbursement, it is worth mentioning that, Zheng Zheng just returned from Germany after surgery, is recovering.