The warm-up match – pig farewell Germany 2-0 Finland Maier answer [collection] pig Jiangong farewell Germany 2-0 Finland Maier his farewell to the German national team Jiangong pig Tencent sports news September 1st at 2:45 a.m., a friendly international tournament held at the Prussian Park: German home court 2-0 Lectra Finland, who is also the German national team captain Schweinsteiger farewell. The second half, Maier and Mesut Ozil has scored. In addition, a photo of the fans into the site and the pig race, security personnel have not been dogged. Before the two sides played the national anthem before the game, Schweinsteiger tears to support their fans for 12 years thanks, said, for the German team is an eternal honor, and I hope the fans have been supporting the German team. Borussia Park was almost home court of Prussia "thank you Bastien" with the slogan, the German fans chanted Bastien"! Before the game, the audience for the late German Football Association honorary vice president Engelbert – Nair 1 minutes of silence. Twelfth minutes, Schweinsteiger restricted area before the zhisai, Rabbi Bella right after the end of a high-speed flat ball, a goalkeeper, fuland up half a step slow, this is the German team after the opening of the most threatening attack. Seventeenth minutes, Germany won the top on the forbidden area arc free kick opportunity on the right side of the pig kick hit the wall. Twenty-fourth minutes, Maier midfielder zhisai playing behind fuland plug into, the ball over the goalkeeper, defender in front of the siege. Twenty-seventh minutes, Hector left low ball, Finland defender Ola Julie to hit the door. Thirty-second minutes, Maier restricted area before the sudden Zhise, gertze one off before inserting the goalkeeper, but he was up against shilly-shally play Buddhism in place of the guards. Forty-second minutes out, 35 meters away from the goal of sudden long shots, the ball struck the turf went straight to the bottom left corner, goalkeeper Hradecky fighting to seal the slap shot. Forty-ninth minutes, Mustafi in a scraping a twisted ankle, Arsenal (data) new aid stand up again after limping. Fifty-second minutes after the break out of the left costal fuland wonderful cross, gertze chanshe did not hit the ball, the ball from the front gate across. Fifty-fifth minutes, gertze right pass, before Frand leak, plug Maier ground fire hit. 1-0, this is the national team debut ball Maier. The game went to sixty-first minutes, there are fans rushed into the venue and piggy photo self, the security personnel on the spot did not immediately approach the expulsion of the fans. Sixty-fifth minutes, gertze was close at hand guard fly up. Sixty-eighth minutes, Schweinsteiger was replaced by Weigel, the German midfielder completed the transfer of new and old, pig after the end and Loew hugged clap after whispering, he and his teammates also hug one by one. Seventy-seventh minutes in the penalty area, gertze straight seheut zirl, Mesut Ozil pass in the left foot was back a bit after the shovel jump into the far corner of the goal. 2-0! In the end, the German 2-0 victory over Poland, piglets and teammates once again embrace. Muller and Neuer will carry on the shoulder and the pig from afar and shouted "Bayern fans Super Bayern", as they took the world championship as the celebration, everyone will be thrown into the air for pigs. In the end, the pig does the movements of the ball with the fans