The focus of Artificial Intelligence Ministry with the Shenzhen municipal government held 2017 CITE Phoenix Francisco November 3rd news yesterday, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government held a press conference in Beijing, decided in April 9, 2017 to 11 in Shenzhen Exhibition Center China jointly organized the Fifth China electronic information Expo (hereinafter referred to as CITE 2017). Deputy director, Ministry of industry and electronic information division deputy director of the office of the Organizing Committee Wu Shengwu CITE introduced the general situation of the preparatory held the fifth session of CITE; Shenzhen municipal government deputy secretary general, deputy director of the office of the Organizing Committee of China electronic information Expo Gao Yuyue introduced the Expo Hall arrangement and the electronic information industry in Shenzhen city; general manager, Chinese electronic equipment deputy director of the office of the Organizing Committee of the company China electronic information Expo and Secretary General Chen Wenhai introduced the specific situation of Fair Organizing Committee; iFLYTEK Limited by Share Ltd marketing director Ren Ping Ping on behalf of exhibitors introduced the preparatory ideas of exhibition experience and artificial intelligence center. Wu Shengwu, deputy director of the Ministry of electronics and information division, it is learned that the Expo will highlight the smart information industry, the key word, showing the whole chain of electronic information industry. Including: mobile intelligent terminal, intelligent robot, artificial intelligence, smart home, intelligent hardware, VR and AR, and sensor networking, big data, Internet plus, intelligent manufacturing, new display, LED, integrated circuits, high-end components and special components, the new energy automotive industry chain, electronic instrument and equipment etc.. The exhibition site chose the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Museum, an area of over 100 thousand square meters, according to the exhibition content and features, exposition is divided into 9 halls: hall 1: CITE theme pavilion. Mainly include: smart home, intelligent hardware, virtual reality, sensors and networking, big data, Internet plus, intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuit exhibition hall 2: photoelectric display; museum; Hall 3: intelligent manufacturing and 3D Printing Museum; Hall 4: Robotics and intelligent systems: Hall 5 hall; artificial intelligence Museum; Hall 6: electronic health record passenger and Museum; Hall 7: electronic instrument and equipment hall; Hall 8: lithium new energy Pavilion; hall 9 Hall: electronic components. The 5 Museum exhibition is focused on creating "artificial intelligence Museum", the Organizing Committee and iFLYTEK cooperation, jointly demonstrate the artificial intelligence of the whole industry chain.