Popovich said Duncan will return to the office: just began to fear Yaodao spurs Duncan –   Tim Duncan – Sports Sohu; Beijing on September 27th news, from the "Sanantonio express" reported that the new season spurs media day, team coach Greg – Popovich said, has been retired Tim Duncan will return to the team in the 16-17 season. And as a coach. "He (Duncan) will have a formal title, to be honest, he wants to be a coach," said Popovich. "He will be around the team, but not on the bench." When asked why he didn’t appear on the bench, Popovich said: "he (Duncan) is too clever to do this." With Duncan retired, GDP has become the past tense. Manu Ginobili revealed a detail, he came to the Spurs first year was very afraid of Duncan, "to be honest, I spent a long time, to win his trust," said Argentina yaodao. Turning to Duncan for his help, Ginobili said: did not help, it is always difficult to integrate into the beginning, but a few months later, he became the best teammate." Toni – Parke wrote in social media, media day! I’ll miss Duncan…… # spurs country #9 "offseason, the Spurs, the biggest change is the signing of Paul Gasol, to fill the vacancy left after Duncan retired. Last season, the Spurs regular season to get 67 Kingmax team history, but in the Western Conference semifinals were eliminated by the thunder team. (Jim)