Wuhan race partner Peng Shuai and lost the championship in the US Open women’s doubles final Peng Shuai Mike and Hal sina sports news Beijing on September 30th news, 2016 WTA super five series Wuhan Open women’s doubles semi-final contest, Chinese player Peng Shuai and American Mcga’s partner, in the face of this year’s US Open champion Matei Ksar Farro Va, with 4-6 3-6 lost, missed the final. Peng Shuai and Hal Mike yesterday in a played double wins, including the elimination of the world’s first combination of May Radanovic Garcia, the condition is good, but Martek and Safa Lo Va also in the last two games wins double pass, semi-finals. The first game, both sides break a bureau, Third Bureau Peng Shuai combination sends out the break point, the Peng Shuai net under high pressure, after the break was 1-2 behind, then both of you come to me and their break time, Martek and Lova take the lead in realizing Baofa saffa lead 4-2, seventh, Peng Shuai withstood the pressure save the break point Paul made turnovers in the eighth inning and seize the opportunity to realize the break back, to 4-4, two people but can not return to the balance of power in the face of Martek and Safa Lo Va follow up a victory with hot pursuit, a powerful offensive, two people lost two games, 4-6 surrendered the first set. The second game four Bureau mutual battle to 2-2, fifth Peng Shuai sent love game and combination, to get a break point in the sixth, but they could not hold, Matei Ksar Farro Va Paul made after the war to 3-3, the seventh inning, Peng Shuai combined a series of mistakes, sends out the double faulting break after 3-4 behind, Matei Ksar Farro Va done in one vigorous effort. Final 6-3 took the two set, the final. (rod)